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What does eyelash extension aftercare involve?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

How to Get the Most Out of Your Lashes

Eyelashes are a great way to draw attention to your eyes beautifully. Whether you want to extend your lashes or add some volume, eyelash extensions is the answer for you.

Eyelashes take time to apply, and can cost up to $300, depending where you'll get them done. Results vary depending on your natural eye shape and lash length. Eyelash extensions require maintenance like any good investment and is a luxury service to indulge into.

Why is aftercare so important?

  • prevent eye infections

  • keep them looking nice longer

  • keep your eyelashes clean

  • saves money in the long run, so you won't need to maintain or replace them as often

How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?

  1. Do not get them wet for 24-48 hours after application... That includes your touch up appointments as well. Water can affect the glue to cure, causing the bond to become easy to break or become brittle.

  2. Wash them regularly after that, because residue will begin to build up around the lash line if you won't wash your extensions... This will lead to eye infections or cause issues for your lash artist to touch them up effectively. You'll want to clean your lash extensions about every 3 days. It is absolutely OK to get them wet and let the water from your shower run down your face and over your eyes as long as it's not too strong of a pressure.

  3. Always Brush. Brush from your lash tips, not the base of your lashes. Only use clean, dry spoolies... It's recommended to replace them from time to time.

  4. Do not use any oil-based products near the eyes... Such as makeup removers or eye creams.

  5. Be careful when applying makeup. I recommend using makeup wipes to remove your makeup if you wear it. Always tap excess eyeshadows off your brush before applying to the eyelids and never use waterproof eyeliner or mascara because it is difficult to remove.

  6. Gently blot your lashes dry after you've showered or washed your face. Using a light fan to dry them is OK.

What not to do with eyelash extensions:

  1. Don't pick at them. You should feel more comfortable with them after a few days if they feel weird at first. If you attempt to pick or remove them yourself, you'll tear or break your natural lashes.

  2. Don't sleep on your side or stomach, because you'll crush your lashes and they'll fall off easier. Learn to sleep on the edge of your pillow if you're a side sleeper.

  3. Don't blow dry your lashes when they're wet. This will affect your eyelashes curls by flattening them if it is exposed to excessive heat.

When is it time for my touch-up appointment?

Lash extensions usually last up to 3-4 weeks, but they can last up to 6-8 if you take good care of them. However, our natural lashes go through growth cycles so it's recommended to book your appointment every 2-3.5 weeks to ensure your lashes are healthy and in great standing. If you decide eyelash extensions aren't for you, be sure to have a professional remove them.


For your lash extensions to truly last, you'll need to take great measures to take care of them... But I promise you, it's totally worth it! Eyelash extensions compliments your eyes by looking longer and fuller. Clean your lashes, brush them regularly, and avoid a few things to keep them healthy or you'll do more damage to your natural lashes or make them fall out sooner. Following these tips will save you both money and time!

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